Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France Travel Guide

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Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France


End of September 


I loved traveling to Mont-Saint-Michel during this time of year. The weather was great. It was very pleasant during the day, but would cool down a little at night. It rained a little bit, but nothing too bad.

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We decided to stay right off of Mont-Saint-Michel, since it cost less and we had access to the free shuttle taking us to and from Mont-Saint-Michel. The shuttle runs non-stop from 7:30 am to 12:00 am so we felt we wouldn't miss out on much staying just right off Mont-Saint-Michel.

We stayed at Hotel Gabriel which is located on the private street to Mont Saint Michel. To keep Mont-Saint-Michel somewhat how it used to be in the old days, the actual town is gated off. Only the people staying at the few hotels inside the city can drive in and be within a mile walking distance.

I would definitely recommend staying overnight for at least one night. Exploring the island in the early morning and evening, when the crowds have left, is magical. We were able to explore Mont-Saint-Michel as the only people on the streets at times. Also, staying on the mainland offers extraordinary views of Mont Saint-Michel.

Interesting Information: 

The tide comes in each morning and recedes late each afternoon. Mont Saint-Michel becomes an island only when the tides are very high. 

Favorite Food/Drinks: 

Mont St Michel is known for their fluffy omelettes. Definitely try some while there. 


  • Abbey at the summit
    • To avoid the biggest crowds go before 10:00 or after 4:00
  • Walk on the ramparts – which offers mudflat views and there usually aren’t as many tourists
  • Mudflat Stroll around the Island
    • Don’t go alone and be very careful of the tides
  • Walk around, explore, and get lost in the beauty of everything.
    • For the best views/light of Mont St Michel go in the morning or after dark. The morning light from the bridge is great and there are fewer people. After dark the island is magically lit and the views from the ramparts are beautiful. For an even better view walk out on the bridge a few hundred yards.

Recommendations For Next Time:

You don't need a ton of time here, but I would definitely make sure you have a full day and night. Things seem to always take longer then you think, so make sure you plan enough time to get to Mont-St-Michel and spend there. Especially if you are taking public transportation. Things went differently than we expected so we ended up with a less time than we wanted but we still had a great time.

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