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Traveled With/Met Traveling:

Myself and my kids


We have stayed at a lot of different places while traveling to Disneyland, I personally think it is worth it to stay somewhere near the park so you can walk to/from the park in the morning and at night. You can find a lot of affordable accommodation in this area. We have liked staying at the Anaheim Hotel. 

Interesting Information: 

Download the Disneyland App. This will tell you how long the wait times are for each ride and allow you to make dining reservations. You can purchase the Max Pass on the Disneyland App, this is $10 per person per day. It allows you to get fast pass tickets on your phone, at either of the two parks in Disneyland. Fast Passes are passes that let you skip the main line for a ride. You usually have to get the passes in person at each ride you wish to ride. They will tell you to come back at a later time when your fast pass is valid to let you skip the main line. The fast passes give you an hour time frame which you have to come back to the ride. The time they tell you to come back depends on how many fast passes have already been given out. They only have a certain amount they give out per day.  Using the max pass on your phone lets you maximize your time and allows you to get more fast passes for the time available.

disneyland treats

Favorite Food/Drinks: 

  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe  - I love the macaroons and macarons. My favorite is the Matterhorn Macaroon. 
  • Pooh’s Corner – this place has the aboluste best treats in my opinion. I love the Peanut Buter sandwhich, tigger tails, and caramel apples.
  • New Orleans Café - Pommes Frites, Monte Cristo Sandwich, Mickey-shaped Beignets, Mint Julep
    • You can also get the beignets and mint julep from the Mint Julep Bar
  • Pacific Wharf Café – the salads and soups are served in the best bread bowls. My favorite is the Chiense Chicken Salad and Clam Chowder.
  • Little Red Wagon – delicious hand dipped corndogs
  • Churros from any churro cart
  • Flo’s v8 Café - Brioche French Toast
  • Tiki Juice Bar – Pinapple Dole Whip Soft-Serve
  • Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats - Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait

    disneyland rides


    • Utlize fast passes. They are free and let you get tickets to skip the main line and go in a faster line.
    • Utilize the Single Rider Line - there are certain rides that have a single rider line, this can be even faster then the fast pass lines. Make sure to utilize it if you don't mind splitting up from your group for one ride. Not every ride has a single rider line, but here are the ones that do:
      • Indiana Jones Adventure
      • Matterhorn Bobsleds
      • Space Mountain
      • Splash Mountain
      • Radiator Springs Racers
      • California Screamin'
      • Goofy's Sky School
      • Grizzly River Run
      • Incredicoaster
    • Of course all the rides and entertainment are great. Depending on who you are traveling with, you will want to do and see different things.
    • Different parade and shows run throughout the year, be sure to check the schedule of events for when you are going to be there. The shows and parades are usually great.
    • There are times during the year that are busier than others. Holidays, school schedules and annual passholders have a big impact on Disneyland's schedule. There are different calendars online that show how busy it is supposed to be, so check those when planning your trip.
    • If you are traveling with anyone who is shorter then the height requirement for a specific ride, be sure to use a rider swap for that ride. Ask the staff at the ride to scan the tickets for a rider swap. This means your party will wait in line to go on the ride (besides the person who is not at the height requirement and the other waiting behind). Once the party has finished the ride, the person who was waiting behind can now go into the fast pass line for this ride along with two other people.
    • If you are traveling with small kids, here are some tips I have learned.
      • A stroller is a must. They have stroller parking at each ride so you can leave the stroller while you go on rides.
      • I also think if you are traveling with a small baby a baby carrier is a must.
      • They have baby stations at each park, so you can have a place to feed your baby, change diapers, buy diapers, or get whatever supplies you need.
      • Follow Magic Kingdom Mamas (magic_kingdom_mamas on instagram) they have great tips about Disneyland with kids

    disneyland rides

    Recommendations For Next Time:

     Get to the park early, earlier then it opens.  They let you in 30 min before the park opening, but rope of the area to the rides until the park officially opens. The first couple hours in the morning are always the least busy and by being one of the first people in the park you will have access to rides with short, to no, lines.


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